The Good, The Dan, The Florida Man

GDFM ep. 12: Interview With Ripe!

May 29, 2021

Episode 12 of The Good, The Dan, The Florida man! Robbie, Calvin, and Sampson of the band "Ripe" join the guys and tell us about a wild story at a show in Florida, and answer some questions!

Check out more of Ripe:

Silly Question: What is a conspiracy theory, myth, legend, or cryptozoological creature that you fully believe in and defend the existence of?

Ryan's Ridiculous History: The Dyetlov Pass incident.

Dan's LGBT-Q for the Straights: Why--when you have such a large dating pool--are you still single? What is your opinion on paying the bill?

----Pod Team----

The Good: @Youth Pastor Ryan

The Dan: @Daniel Spencer

The Florida Man: @Ben Brainard








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